Cellphones and Radiation

Cellphones transmit information using radio frequency waves. The continuous back-and-forth of these waves creates massive plumes (or clouds) of radiation called electromagnetic fields (EMF). Consequently, when our cellphones are placed to our heads or on our bodies, we absorb these EMF radiation clouds. Absorbing all this radiation is unnecessary!

Our high performance Blockers - like a credit card that fits between your cellphone and a cellphone case - substantially minimize our absorption of these emissions.

I AM CELL AWARE™ by Tanenbaum Technologies, Inc. Cellphone Radiation Blockers

After extensive research on electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, we have developed a patent-pending, easy-to-use, freely interchangeable piece the size of a credit card that fits between your phone and its case that blocks harmful radiation without interfering with the phone's antenna. Simply place the Blocker between your phone and its case and start shielding yourself immediately. It's like wearing a lead vest for an X-ray, except for your phone.

One Blocker lasts a lifetime!

Your I AM CELL AWARE™ Blockers are Made in the USA, handcrafted using only the highest grade materials!

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EMF 77mG

The Effectiveness of the I AM CELL AWARE™ Cellphone Radiation Blocker

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EMF 0.1mG

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The FCC warns cellphone users to keep the cellphone at least one inch away from your head and body, because cellphones emit massive amounts of electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio frequency waves. These radio frequency waves create plumes of electromagnetic radiation which are absorbed by your head and body when the phone is in use.

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Radiation Blockers

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