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Radiation Shielding from I AM CELL AWARE™


When it comes to your cell phone use, how often are you thinking about your health and safety?

For those of us at I AM CELL AWARE™, it’s always on our minds. We know just how dangerous excessive cell phone use can be, and believe it’s important that each cell phone user is educated as to how cell phones can affect their health. We also know that you want to get the most out of your cell phone, which might mean using it more than is healthy for you to do. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Whether you’re constantly on your phone or you only pick it up to check messages occasionally, the I AM CELL AWARE™ radiation blocker is a great tool to have on your phone. All cell phone users need it to protect their health and the great thing about our EMF blockers is that anyone with any type of cell phone can benefit from the I AM CELL AWARE™ anti-radiation blocker. Here’s what else you should know about the radiation protection we offer.

  • Our anti-radiation devices are made from copper.
  • These radiation shielding devices are about the size of a credit card.
  • The I AM CELL AWARE™ reduces radiation from 77mW to just 0.1 mW.

So Who Can Benefit from EMF Protection?

Everyone can! Radiation doesn’t just affect the person using the phone, it can affect anyone in range of the phone while it’s in use. By installing the I AM CELL AWARE™ radiation blocker on your phone, you can reduce the amount of radiation that surrounds you and your friends or family. The benefits are endless, and once your friends see how well the EMF protection fits on your phone and how well it protects you, they’ll want one too.

How Else Can I Protect Myself?

Here at I AM CELL AWARE™, we are dedicated to providing cell phone users with the radiation protection they need, but we’re also committed to bringing knowledge about cell phone use and what the best practices for protecting yourself are. Here are some habits to consider switching to if you aren’t already practicing safe cell phone use.

Go Hands-Free

Whenever it’s possible, don’t hold your phone too close to your head or your heart. Placing your phone to your head allows the radiation to reach your brain. Holding it right in front of your heart is just as dangerous. Instead, use a speakerphone, a Bluetooth, or headphones whenever possible.

Keep Your Phone Out of Bed

A lot of people sleep with their phones under their pillow. This is dangerous not only because you’re directly placing radiation right next to your head, but it’s dangerous because of the prolonged exposure from when you start sleeping until you rise. Another reason this can be dangerous is because batteries can malfunction, causing them to overheat, which could become a fire hazard.

If you use your phone frequently and you’re looking for ways to protect yourself, don’t hesitate to equip your phone with the EMF protection from I AM CELL AWARE™. We offer our blockers in both pink and black, and they’re razor thin, so you can rest assured that they’ll fit your phone. Get one for yourself or get ten for you and your friends! Start shopping now!


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