Cell Phone Radiation Explained

Whether you believe it or not, your cell phone emits radiation - and quite a bit at that. The continuous exchange of radio frequency waves creates a massive plume of radiation called an electromagnetic field (EMF). The electromagnetic field exists outside of our phones as we use them, and what’s dangerous about this is that as we use our phones and hold them to our heads, our brain and other organs begin to absorb the radiation directly. Not only is this bad for our health, it’s preventable.        

Tanenbaum Technologies is proud to introduce the latest in radiation protection for cell phones. Our EMF protection is affordable, easy to install, and above all, it’s effective. Our radiation shielding uses copper and other materials to reduce the amount of radiation that our cell phones can put off from 77mW to just 0.1 mW.


When you think of your radiation protection from I AM CELL AWARE™ as a radiation blanket that you wear during an X-Ray, then it’s easy to see just how important having EMF protection really is. Once consumers begin to realize just how much radiation their phone can put off, and just how dangerous the effects of extended exposure to radiation can be, the idea of getting radiation shielding installed in their phones becomes more of a priority.

Here at I AM CELL AWARE™, we are committed to providing cell phone users with two things:

1. Radiation Protection

2. Cell Phone Use Education
    By teaching users better ways to use their phone and which habits to form with their phone, we can help users reduce the amount of radiation they absorb. Combine that with our EMF protection, and our users are sure to keep themselves safe from the dangers of EMF fields.
    Take a look at our radiation protection now and get the EMF protection you need now.