Frequently Asked Questions

What is an I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker?

When turned on, iPhones and other smartphones emit a certain type of radiation, which may be harmful. The I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker is a patent-pending device that provides a shield, by absorbing a substantial amount of that radiation. The size and shape of a credit card, it fits inside almost any smartphone case, at the back of the phone.


Does the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker affect my signal strength or service?

No, the Blocker does not affect signal strength or service in any way.


How does it work?

The I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker contains copper, which absorbs a substantial amount of the radiation emitted from a cell phone. The patent-pending design of the Blocker enables it to absorb radiation that may be harmful without reducing the strength of the cell phone signal and connection.        

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. For example, top-quality pots and pans are made of copper because copper conducts heat twice as well as aluminum or cast iron and 25 times as well as stainless steel. In electrical wiring and electronic equipment, copper is the most efficient electrical conductor. In hospitals, copper is used in enclosures to prevent accidental radio frequency interference with sensitive equipment in MRI, CAT scan, and x-ray units.

Through extensive research, Tanenbaum Technologies, Inc., identified copper as the best substance to reduce cell phone radiation emissions. And then, the company developed its patent-pending design to effectively harness the protective properties of copper without interfering with the strength of a cell phone signal and service


Do I need a cell phone case to use the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker?

Yes. The I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker is designed to be inserted in a cell phone case, at the back of the cell phone. Attaching the Blocker without a case would require glue, which we don’t recommend, as it may not be securely held in place and could damage the exterior of the phone, decreasing its trade-in value.


Do I have to open the cell phone itself to install or use it?

No. A cell phone should never be opened or tampered with.


Do I need a special case?

No. The I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker fits into any standard case designed for your make and model of smartphone.


How do I install it?

If you have a soft case, pull off the top part, slip the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker into the bottom end, and put the case back on. If that isn’t practical because your soft case fits very snugly, follow the instructions below for a hard case. 

If you have a hard case, take it off, put the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker into the bottom part, and put the phone inside the case.


How often do I need to replace the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker so that it continues to perform well?

Never. Each Blocker and is made to last a lifetime and can be used with your current and future smartphones.


Where is it made?

The I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker is made entirely in the USA, in Los Angeles.


Will it eliminate all radiation from my cell phone? 

The I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker will substantially reduce radiation from a cell phone but it will not completely eliminate it. The amount of radiation will vary, depending upon the location and use. Here’s a video that shows just how much radiation may be reduced:

Here’s a video that shows just how much radiation may be reduced:


We recommend that you take additional precautions, including:

  • Use a speakerphone when possible, or use wired earbuds.
  • Keep your cell phone away from your body, not in a pocket or bra.
  • Try to talk on the phone when the signal is strong, as a weak signal makes the phone work harder and increases levels of emissions.
  • Given a choice, text rather than talking.
  • Don’t sleep with your cell phone under or by your pillow. Better yet, keep it out of the bedroom.


Is the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker bad for you?

No, the materials used are non-toxic with no known dangers.


How is the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker different from other types of cellphone radiation blockers?

We don’t judge the effectiveness of other blockers but there are visible differences in design. Some blockers require a cell phone to be placed inside a cage, box, sleeve, holster, or pouch, which is not always practical and will not protect you when you take the phone out for calls. Other blockers are embedded in special cell phone cases, which need to fit your make and model of phone, and may need to be replaced if you switch to a new phone.

The I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker works with any smartphone, small or large, and with any smartphone case. It doesn’t need to be replaced when you switch phones in the future, making it the most flexible and economical design. In addition, it doesn’t interfere with cell signals or service, doesn’t contain any toxic materials, and is made in the USA.


Is there any way I can test the effectiveness of the Blocker myself?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage our customers to see just how much radiation is being emitted from their cell phones, and how effectively our Blockers reduce those emissions. In our tests, we use a Cornet Electrosmog ED78S meter, which anyone can buy for about $180 on Amazon. There are lower-priced options.


What about warnings on some websites that we shouldn’t rely on blockers to protect against cell phone radiation?

In part, those warnings are well-founded. We don’t believe any blocker can guarantee the elimination of all radiation when a cell phone is in use. Although the I AM CELL AWARE™ Blocker substantially reduces radiation, we also recommend taking other precautions, such as using the speakerphone or wired earphones, and not storing the cell phone under a pillow or in a pants pocket or bra.


If cell phone radiation was harmful, wouldn’t the cell phone companies tell us?

Some phone manuals recommend using a hands-free option to reduce exposure and some manuals have warned to keep the phone an inch away from the head or body at all times. In Berkeley, California, the city requires cell phone stores to display warnings of cell phone dangers. The cell phone industry tried to block the Berkeley law in court but has lost so far.


Not all scientists agree on the degree of danger from cell phones, but these are some developments:

  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, has classified cell phone emissions as a possible carcinogen.
  • At an annual conference of the Pediatric Academic Societies, scientists from Harvard and Yale warned pregnant women to keep cell phones away from their tummies to avoid possible impact of radiation on brain development. They also recommended that parents limit cell phone use by children.
  • A $25-million animal study by the US National Toxicology Program, which falls under the National Institutes of Health, found an increased risk of brain and heart tumors among male rats exposed to cell phone radiation. The meaning of these findings is still being debated and research is ongoing.

For more information about earlier and ongoing research, we suggest visiting this page of the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety blog by Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Moskowitz is not, in any way, associated with our company or product. We highly respect his work and believe his blog is an excellent source of information about research on the safety of cell phones.


Other sources of information about potential health risks of cell phones include:

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute