Cell Phone Radiation Blocker

Tanenbaum Technologies, Inc., has developed a patent-pending plate the size/shape of a credit card that blocks harmful radiation from traveling through the face of the cell phone without interfering with the cell phone's signal strength. The I AM CELL AWARE™ cell phone radiation Blocker fits between your case and cell phone. 10%-25% Off For 2 Blockers Or More! Buy for the Family!

See our Blocker video below.

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I AM CELL AWARE™ Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Unboxing and Placement

The Effectiveness of the I AM CELL AWARE™ Cell Phone Radiation Blocker

Product Description

Believe it or not, but your cell phone could be causing you harm. Fortunately, there is a solution to protect yourself. I AM CELL AWARE™ offers cell phone users EMF shielding protection that can help reduce the amount of radiation your phone emits.

  • The EMF Shielding is very thin.
  • It can fit between any smartphone and phone case.
  • It can reduce the amount of radiation emitted from your phone from 77mW to 0.1 mW.
  • It can better protect you from electromagnetic fields.

Protecting yourself from harmful radiation should be a priority. Overtime, the prolonged exposure to radiation can cause health problems and lead to issues such as cancer. With the EMF protection products from I AM CELL AWARE™, you can vastly reduce the amount of radiation coming from your phone when you’re using it. Ensure your protection with our EMF shielding.

  • Choose from pink or black
  • Choose from one, two, four, six or ten radiation protection blockers
  • Our EMF Shielding is made with Copper and other materials.

Dimensions: 2" x 3 1/4"